How to Remove the Second Chin? Read These Six Ways

The second chin occurs in people regardless of age and build, and this is an individual feature and a kind of the norm. But if the second chin confuses you, there are several effective ways to get rid of it.

We figure out together with experts where the second chin comes from and how to get rid of its inaccessible ways – exercises, proper nutrition, and specialists’ help.

Why Does a Second Chin Appear

An excess of calories leads to excess body fat. Moreover, they are deposited on the sides and other parts of the body and in the head and neck. 

In addition, with age, the amount of collagen produced decreases, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic. Under the force of gravity, sagging is formed under the jaw behind the chin. It can also appear with a sharp weight loss when there is no excess fat and the skin has not had time to recover.

Wrinkles in ​​the neck and chin area are often a natural physiological change in appearance that does not need treatment or correction. But if you don’t like the way it looks, there are several solutions – depending on the causes of the second chin.

The second chin appears not only due to malnutrition and anatomical features but also due to posture. A modern person rarely leaves his mobile phone out of his hands and spends a lot of time at the computer, which, of course, affects his body and head. As a result, a downcast face and stoop become a habit and affect the formation of wrinkles and fat deposits in the chin area.

How to Remove the Second Chin: 6 ways

To get rid of the second chin, you need to determine the cause of its appearance, depending on individual characteristics. If you are overweight, you need to adjust your diet. Massage, exercises and cosmetics will be useful to most people who want to maintain a beautiful oval face, but a beautician should select them.

1. Exercises From the Second Chin

If you control the position of your body and posture, regularly conduct face fitness training, then in a few months, you can get rid of the second chin.

Exercise “Ladle”

To do this:

  1. Straighten your back and turn your head to the side.
  2. Slightly raise your chin and slightly push the lower jaw forward (there will be a feeling of tension and stretching of the neck and chin muscles).
  3. Lightly pat your palm on the inside of your chin for 20 seconds.
  4. Turn your head to the other side and repeat the steps. When doing the Bucket exercise, it is important to ensure that the chin muscles are not tense.

Exercise “Tongue to the nose”

Weakening of the hyoid frenulum muscle affects the sagging of the tissues under the jaw. Try sticking out the tip of your tongue and pointing it up towards your nose. Do not strain your lips; focus on the movements of the tongue. Hold it in the maximum available position for a few seconds and repeat the exercise another 5-10 times.

Exercise “Turn”

Turn your head to the right, keeping your neck straight. Through effort, push the lower jaw forward with a noticeable tension in the right side of the neck. Return to the starting position and do the exercise on the other side. Repeat 5-7 times.

Exercise “Kiss”

When the lips are gathered into a tube, the muscles of the face tighten, which allows you to tighten your cheeks, neck and chin. To increase the tension:

  1. Lift your head as if you were trying to kiss someone very tall.
  2. Hold this position for a few seconds, relax your face, lower your head.
  3. Repeat 5-10 times.

Exercise “Fists”

For the muscles to work, you need to create tension. Place the fists of both hands under the chin. Press them on the second chin, straining the lower jaw. At the point of maximum resistance, hold for 5-10 seconds, relax your face and hands, take a break and repeat 6-10 more times.

Exercise “Smile”

Close your teeth and smile as wide as possible. Should press the tip of the tongue against the sky, and you should feel the tension in your chin and jaw. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, relax your face, and repeat the cycle 5-7 times.

2. Massage

Massage should be done carefully, especially in the thyroid gland area on the neck. Before starting the massage, apply a cream or oil to the skin to improve gliding. First, warm up the second chin and cheeks area with light strokes from the centre up towards the ears. 

Then make massaging movements from the middle to the sides. You can use special scrapers and rollers. Try a few exercises from the guasha massage complex, which will help increase blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and collagen production, and tighten the skin.

3. Creams and Masks

Cosmetic products containing vitamins and plant extracts help to strengthen and moisturize the skin. Look for products specifically labelled as firming and lifting. They often contain vitamin C, green tea extracts, collagen, and other products.

4. Tapes

Manufacturers offer special applicators for the neck and chin, masks and bandages that contain caffeine, collagen and vitamins. Special straps are attached to the lower jaw to tighten the skin and muscles. With them, you can perform the exercises in this article to increase muscle resistance and load.

Many cosmetologists advise using the tapping technique to correct the face line in combination with other means of getting rid of the second chin. Apply elastic Kinesio plasters regularly for 10-14 days; the wearing period should not exceed 7-8 hours.

It is better to carry out the procedure with the help of a specialist who will correctly apply the tapes on cleansed skin according to certain patterns and then give recommendations for the proper removal.

5. Injections from the Second Chin

Cosmetologists offer several options for quick correction of the lower jaw area. This gives instant results, but procedures will have to be resorted to systematically without lifestyle changes.


A modern and effective way in case of a sloping chin. Thanks to dense fillers based on hyaluronic acid, the beautician enlarges the chin, which leads to skin tension along with the new frame and a visual reduction or complete disappearance of the second chin. “Here, the expert works on the principle of installing an implant, only forms a new chin not with the help of an artificial analogue, but with fillers. 

This is a less traumatic method, the effect of which lasts for more than a year. If the fat deposits were significant, here it is worth considering a mixed technique: fillers to create a new frame and the appointment of a politics course for fat resorption,”.


These are special injections that accelerate the breakdown of fatty tissues into fatty acids. To prevent the fat from returning after some time, lipolytic contain substances that activate microcirculation and stimulate the removal of fatty acids from the treated area. 

Lipolytic give an effective result if the cause of the second chin is a small accumulation of fat. In cases of loss of skin elasticity, it may be advised to use fat-absorbing injections in conjunction with Meso threads, which stretch the tissues and form new features of the lower part of the face.

6. Liposuction

One of the most widely known ways to get rid of excess body fat. It is effective if the reason for the appearance of a double chin is that there is a concentration and accumulation of fat in the area of ​the lower jaw and neck area. In the case of a small chin or malocclusion, liposuction does not work.

It is important to note that liposuction is the most traumatic method since it is a surgical intervention that requires a long recovery period.

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