How Do You Apply Mascara? Learn the Mistakes that Make you Grow Old
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Mascara is one of the products that help you get the perfect Makeup. But did you know that without realizing it, you can make inevitable mistakes in its application? Please find the most common ones and avoid them as much as possible. 

The mascara layer is the final step of the Makeup that helps you get a penetrating look. 

While this product has the role of giving a youthful look, there are four mistakes in its application, which can create the opposite effect.

You are Using an Old Product

The easiest way to get an aged look is to use an old or expired product. The formulas on the market are constantly updated and improved, so if you use the same mascara formula you used a few years ago, it’s time to change it! 

The new products have better resistance and give the lashes a more voluminous appearance. Experts recommend replacing your product with a unique formula every three to six months. 

You Don’t Curl your Lashes Before

Curling the eyelashes before applying the mask is a crucial step. ” Many women make this mistake and do not curl their eyelashes before applying mascara. This can make you look tired and grow old, ‘said Alyssia Chang, a makeup expert.

Apply too Much Mascara

The best anti-aging trick is to apply mascara evenly and subtly. For a flawless look, know that you need patience! Apply the mascara slowly, in small amounts, with a clean brush, then let it harden for 5 minutes. Evenly applied mascara will look natural, and the lashes will have more volume. 

Sleep with Makeup on your Face 

Perhaps the biggest mistake is sleeping with Makeup on. This facilitates the formation of wrinkles and gives an aged look. ” During the night, mascara can be easily wiped off the face, leaving bacteria on your skin, and so the skin ages faster,” warns the expert, saying that it is always essential to remove any traces of mascara before going to bed.

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