How to Correctly Use the Illuminator For a Glow Skin

Giving a touch of light to the face is the objective of this cosmetic that has already become a makeup essential.

The illuminator is a cosmetic that has more and more followers. The reason is simple: it helps show off a luminous and healthy face, the goal of all women, especially with mature skin. 

Over the years, the skin loses its natural light due to photoaging, and although care continues to be the basis for its health, makeup, used well, is an excellent ally to rejuvenate the face.

In addition to the blush, which helps to remove years and outline the features, the illuminator is another essential product to achieve that sought-after ‘glow’ effect. But it is a cosmetic that can also work against you if not used correctly. 

As Giner Munoz, National Beauty & Brow Authority of Benefit, explains, “The highlighter on skin with huge pores can emphasize them.” And not only that, in oily and combination skin, with a tendency to shine, you should avoid applying it to the T zone (forehead, nose and chin), which is always shiny.

Where to Apply the Highlighter

According to Giner Munoz, to achieve a luminous face without falling into excess shine, the ideal is to apply it where the sun naturally illuminates: on the upper area of ​​the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the temple. In addition, it is essential to choose the right highlighter to achieve a natural look.

Professional makeup artist Cristina Lobato advises, “add a couple of drops to your foundation to create a natural radiant glow.” In addition, the expert comments that some areas of ​​the body can also be illuminated, especially in summer. “can apply highlights to the collarbone area and even the shoulders to create a radiant look for summer nights.”

On the other hand, experts also recommend applying a touch of highlighter to the tear duct and the arch of the eyebrow to open up and rejuvenate the look.

Regarding the order of application of the highlighter on the face, it generally goes at the end of the makeup to provide the luminous finish. It is advisable not to abuse this cosmetic and apply it in a small amount, adding more gradually, if necessary.

The highlighter is also an excellent ally to highlight tanned skin and can be combined with bronzing powder.

Which Highlighter to Choose

In terms of format, it is possible to find different illuminators: liquid, powder, pencil, stick, cream, multipurpose illuminators that come with a concealer and a blush, etc.

Choosing the most comfortable format is essential. Still, Giner Munoz explains that “in mature skin, it is preferable to opt for a cream highlighter, since powder can emphasize fine lines and wrinkles more.”

Make-up artist Cristina Lobato adds that “mature skin should choose corrective illuminators, which also help to fill in small expression lines, and provide luminosity thanks to the concentrate of crystalline pigments they contain.”

Experts also recommend considering the type of skin (oily, dry…) when choosing it and the finish you are looking for (more natural or more ‘glow’). Giner Munoz recommends “the most pearly and white highlighters for lighter skin, and the gold and pink ones for darker skin.”

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