How to Maintain Figure During the Holidays

Festive indulgence with traditional dishes is expected of us, but how do we eat what we want without piling on extra pounds? A fitness coach shares his tips! 

It seems impossible to think that you can eat what you want and keep your figure. To reach your goal, the trainer recommends exercising whenever possible. For example, start your day with a 15-minute bodyweight workout. After eating, the specialist says drinking water and taking a short walk in the park is good.

A good idea is to try seasonal physical activity, such as skating, which could help you burn up to 500 calories an hour, says Josh York. If you don’t like skating, there are other fun ways to burn calories, like sledging: “These activities capture the essence of the season and help you stay active and energized,” the coach told Best Life. 

A good strategy is to take advantage of your breaks during the day, which could help you burn calories. For example, if you’re watching TV, do some light exercise during commercial breaks: “Jumping jacks, sit-ups, and even short stretches could help,” says the trainer!

Avoid excesses of any type! 

Regarding winter season nutrition, Dietitian recommends avoiding dieting before the holidays, as you could gain weight more quickly. At the Christmas table, you must avoid excesses, especially consuming too much sugar!

At the same time, it is essential to plan the meals you will have ahead and focus on healthy options. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and avoid drinks with high alcohol content and calories! 

Winter sports that help you burn a lot of calories

Even if the winter has come, the holidays are approaching, and your thoughts are only about the holidays, this does not mean that you have to give up sports. There are some winter activities that you can do even on vacation, which will help you burn a lot of calories.

  1. Alpine skiing
  2. Snowboarding
  3. Nordic skiing
  4. Ice skating
  5. Trail Running

As a bonus, practising this sport improves cardiovascular activity and reduces stress.

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