Tips to Protect Your Skin Correctly, Specially for Teenagers
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Makeup can be very striking for young women. However, it must be used with care and some precautions to keep in mind.

Adolescence comes with multiple changes in young people. Among them, they may want to make look changes, such as using hair dye or makeup for the first time. 

It is recommended that young women start wearing makeup from 18. This is because acne usually occurs between the ages of 10 and 18. If they decide to do it sooner, it will be essential that they use unique products for people with acne skin.

Likewise, the specialist highlighted the importance of skin preparation. “The use of cleaning products is essential. “They should set up their skincare routine correctly, starting with a soap, then a moisturizer, and ending with a light fluid sunscreen,” she said.

6 recommendations if my teenager is starting to wear makeup. This way, his skin will not be at risk of suffering from infections or causing acne.

Use a facial care line according to your skin type: If you have acne-prone skin, it is preferable to use products for oily skin and non-comedogenic, which can also be found in certain makeup lines.

If the young woman still suffers from acne, It is not advisable to use foundations or powders, as they can clog the pores. Along these lines, the doctor indicated that an alternative option could be based on blockers.

Prepare the skin correctly: Depending on the skin type, the previous cleansing and hydration routine will be essential to protect the skin.

Makeup remover is essential: Regardless of the time, the young woman has to take a moment to clean her face with micellar water or a makeup remover suitable for her skin type.

Clean the brushes once a week: Bacteria accumulate in them, which can cause acne.

It is not ideal to wear makeup daily, as it clogs the pores noticeably.

If you see any strange reaction to makeup, attending a consultation with a dermatologist will be vital. The dermatology specialist will be the only one who can provide an appropriate diagnosis. Do not trust instructions from influencers or YouTubers, as you need a professional on the subject.

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