Makeup 2023 Trends Color Matching and 6 Creative Ideas

We learned from an expert makeup artist what makeup is most relevant now, what colours to choose and how to create a unique look.

On a festive night, you can afford any original image you are unlikely to dare to create in everyday life. We talk about the main trends in makeup for the New Year.

Makeup trends for the New Year 2023

Pay attention to the following trends that have become the most relevant in the outgoing 2022.

Coloured and other unusual arrows. Choose the appropriate option for eye colour and eyelid features.

Bright contrasting shades of shadows and lipstick. Combining it with the appropriate colours for the New Year’s wardrobe is best.

Smooth, radiant skin. The trend for naturalness is not a thick layer of foundation, but a well-groomed face without black dots.

Focus on lips. Matte lipsticks, glitter products and the “kissed” effect in lip makeup are still relevant.

Makeup for the New Year 2023 under the colour of the eyes

In addition to the wardrobe and the usual style, makeup should select makeup according to the natural shades of the skin, hair and eyes. They are very diverse, but you can focus on the primary tones.

1. For blue eyes

A mistake many beginners in makeup make is to paint their eyes with shadows identical to the shade of the iris. In this case, the eyes will appear dull. Try eye shadow in the following colours:

  • Saturated grey
  • Snow and dairy
  • Peach and gold
  • Pink and lilac, it is possible with a transition to purple

If the colour type is cold and gentle, it is better to give preference to brown eyeliners. Add a shimmer and contrasting eyeliner on the eyelids, highlighting the crease above the eyelid with slightly more saturated shadows.

2. For green eyes

Green eyes are attractive on their own, but if you want to make them even brighter, choose these shadow colours:

  • Purple and plum
  • Beige and milky
  • Brown and bronze
  • Blue-green
  • Give up blue and cold steel shades and accentuate glitter with large particles.

3. For grey eyes

Grey eyes need to add light and saturation. Smoky eyes, famous at all times, look perfect on them – makeup in which the eyes seem to be enveloped in a light haze of colour transitions. Choose shades:

  • Copper and bronze
  • Pinkish brown, burgundy
  • Sea-green, blue-green

Gray, graphite shades of shadows go well with light eyes. Try glittery eyeliner with silver glitters or gold cream eyeshadow all over the vision for a more neutral yet luxurious look.

4. For brown eyes

Dark brown eyes need to be “highlighted” with contrasting tones:

  • Pink and lilac
  • Gold and copper
  • Green and blue

Terracotta, pastel khakis and shades of dusty rose are suitable for light brown, honey shades of eyes. A rich, warm colour type is ideally complemented by black eyeliner and mascara.

8 Makeup Ideas for New Year 2023

1. Nude glitter makeup

Even a neutral look can be festive by adding glitters, shimmers or glitter transfer tattoos. This makeup is suitable for any appearance and image. The main thing is to do just what is necessary. Glitter should become an accent without drawing attention to itself from its natural beauty. Depending on the chosen style, it will be helpful:

  • Shimmer for lips and eyelids
  • Shining shadows with large sparkles
  • Shiny eyeliner
  • Transfer tattoos, for example, shimmering gold and silver freckles
  • Makeup primer
  • Glitter is applied at the final stage of the makeup

2. Bright shadows

Emphasis on the eyes is a win-win option in any circumstance. On New Year’s Eve, you can afford more experiments that are not available in everyday life. Combine a few bright colours on the eyelids, try ombre shades, and add colourful sequins and contrasting eyeliner. For bold makeup, you need:

  • Shining shadows of bright colours;
  • Neon eyeliner;
  • Nude lipstick or lip gloss;
  • Shimmer for contouring.

3. Juicy lips

Festive makeup can be as bright as possible, so even with an emphasis on the lips, remember the eyes. But if you choose juicy lipstick shades, eyeshadow and eyeliner should be neutral: grey, brown, or beige. Lip makeup can be either matte or glossy-shiny. To repeat it, prepare:

  • Red lipstick of a suitable colour
  • Lip pencils one or two shades darker than the main shade
  • Lip gloss for finishing

4. Fancy arrows

Such makeup requires skill and practice. Therefore, train in advance if you choose original arrows for New Year’s Eve. Much depends on individual characteristics; for example, the drawing should be made from a different angle with an impending eyelid. For creative shooters, you need the following:

  • Basic shadows
  • Classic black and bright eyeliner (liquid or “felt pen”)
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil or powder
  • You can combine several colours: add accents with golden eyeliner or glitter in addition to the main pink.

5. Sequins on the eyelids

Jewelled eyelids are the most festive makeup option available. It can be made in one tone, but if you already have a neutral wardrobe, make your eyes the main decoration – combine two or three colours. In this makeup, the tone of the face and eyebrows should be flawless. Useful:

  • Sequins
  • Shadows with glitter
  • Rhinestones for eyelids
  • Mascara for volume eyelashes
  • Light lip gloss in a neutral shade

6. Snow shine

Snowflakes sparkling in the sun are the inspiration for this look. Makeup is close to nude, so it is suitable for New Year’s Eve and the holidays. The colours are soft and light. Try applying a base shade with shimmery shimmer all over the lid and highlighting the crease with a slightly darker shade. You need:

  • Light shadows with glitter
  • Coffee shadows for contouring on the eyelid
  • Dark brown eyelash pencil
  • Lengthening and separating mascara
  • Vinyl” transparent lip gloss.

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