Why Should You Have Waxed Trousers in Your Wardrobe?

When functionality and style come together, timeless clothing items are born that easily find their place in trendy outfits suitable for various occasions. This is also the case with waxed trousers, which delight today with their versatility, elegance and comfort. They can be worn in casual outfits, at the office or at more elegant events.

The emergence of waxed trousers

The origins of waxed trousers are not recent, having been created since the 19th century for practical reasons. In those days, the fabrics were treated with wax to obtain a glossy surface resistant to water and wind.

Therefore, waxed trousers were mainly used by workers and by people who spent a lot of time outdoors, thanks to their high resistance to water and wind. Their glossy appearance did not go unnoticed by fashion lovers. As such, they have moved from functionality to meeting style demands, being adapted to meet fashion trends. Today, they represent a versatile piece, available in glossy or matte versions and attractive shades, with varied cuts to suit almost any occasion.

The main characteristics of waxed trousers

Still don’t have a pair of waxed trousers in your wardrobe? Then, it’s never too late to purchase them to enjoy their versatility. Thanks to the waxing process, the fabric acquires high durability and a special elegance, creating the appearance of imitation leather. Here are some of the advantages found in waxed pants:

High resistance to water and wind

The waxing gives the fabric an increased resistance to water and wind, which is why the pants can be worn on rainy days, being excellent for outdoor activities. At the same time, they ensure increased thermal comfort, as they form a barrier against the wind and keep the cold air at bay.

Long durability

Once you invest in a pair of waxed trousers, you can be sure they will remain in your wardrobe for a long time. Waxed ones retain their beauty, unlike other fabrics, which are more sensitive to damage, even after repeated wear.

The wax also prevents dirt from getting into the fabric’s fibers, so you don’t have to worry about stains.

Matte or glossy appearance, which imitates the skin

Do you love leather pants but find them difficult to wear? Then the waxed trousers are designed especially for you. They are available in matte or glossy finishes and mimic leather pants very well but offer the comfort of regular fabric pants. That’s why they are perfect for any occasion, ensuring increased comfort and giving originality to your outfits.

Stylistic versatility

Waxed trousers are available in various cuts and colors, which is why they offer the stylistic versatility you desire. They can be worn in casual and elegant outfits alongside a denim jacket or leather jacket, knitted sweaters, well-worn boots or boots.

They go well with elegant clothing items such as blouses, shirts, and heels or loafers for a more sophisticated look. Equally successful combinations are those made up of white sneakers, which define a cool urban style.

Perfect in any season

It can be difficult to find clothes you can wear in any season, but waxed trousers prove it is possible. As such, they are excellent in spring as they keep you comfortable on rainy or windy days. This season, you can wear them with sweaters and shirts to create casual outfits, ideal for the moody days of March or April.

In autumn, you are fully equipped for the frequent rains and cooler temperatures, also with a pair of waxed trousers by your side. Wear them with chunky sweaters and jackets to protect yourself from the cold. You can wear them over thermal underwear in winter if you need additional protection against the cold.

Summer accompanies you successfully on your outdoor adventures and travels. They can be combined with sandals, flats, cotton and linen shirts to create cool and casual outfits. 

Stylistic combinations for successful outfits

If you like to build your perfect outfit, starting with a pair of women’s trousers, then let yourself be inspired by the elegance of a waxed model. You will notice how many attractive options are available, adapted to your preferences and the events you attend. 

Here are some outfit ideas with waxed pants:

Casual style

On days when comfort comes first, you don’t have to compromise on style. That’s why we recommend you choose the waxed trousers in the perfect cut for your figure, a long-sleeved sweater or blouse and a jacket or cardigan, which will keep you warm. Complete your outfit with warm boots or boots to add comfort.

You also need a handbag or a backpack to store your personal items. On colder days, opt for gloves and a scarf, which offer protection against the cold and add a personal touch to your outfit. 

Urban chic style

Waxed trousers are always an inspired choice when you want to combine comfort with elegance in a unique urban-chic style. Be as creative as possible and wear them with a checkered blouse in autumn shades, such as burgundy or brown. Add a jacket in neutral or contrasting shades with trousers and heeled ankle boots.

Accessories will complete the elegance of your outfit. That’s why we recommend a handbag or envelope with refined details. Want to add a personal touch to your outfit? Then, opt for a scarf in intense colors or a statement piece of jewelry. All these make up a comfortable and elegant outfit suitable for autumn days. In the summer, you can remove the jacket, replace the heeled ankle boots with sandals, and get a casual urban chic outfit, perfect for cooler evenings. 

Style with retro influences

It’s impossible to get bored of iconic fashion items from past decades. Fortunately, they can be brought back into focus with the right clothing and accessories. Waxed trousers can be included in a retro outfit when paired with a frilly blouse and fringed shoes reminiscent of 70s fashion. You can choose ankle boots with platforms and fringes to complete the retro look.

Carefully chosen accessories are what complete your outfit. Statement earrings that capture attention, such as long ones, are inspired. As for the hairstyle, you can select voluminous curls or an elegant bun. Don’t forget the sunglasses, which will add an extra touch of authenticity.

Evening dress  

Waxed trousers make a perfect evening outfit together with a blouse with bright details, elegant shoes and a clutch bag. Delicate jewelry subtly completes the look, matching thin earrings that add elegance or an understated necklace. This elegant and casual outfit will make you feel great, harmoniously combining refined style and comfort. 

In fact, waxed trousers can be included in various other elegant outfits, along with heels, ankle boots or boots. They can be successfully worn to the office, for walks in the park, when you’re serving dinner or even at a more elegant event; it’s how you combine them with other pieces of clothing and accessories that differentiates stylish outfits from lackluster ones.  

As seen in this article, you have every reason to invest in a pair of waxed trousers, as they are pieces that never go out of style and can form the basic element of your outfits, regardless of the season or your clothing style.

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