Beauty Trends: What Manicurers Should be Worn in 2024?

We know you like to stay updated with beauty trends, so we’re telling you what manicures will be worn in 2024. Of course, the color of the year, ‘Peach Fuzz, ‘ will be in high demand, but metallic shades will also be in tall order. Get inspired and choose what suits you and what doesn’t! 

Suppose in 2023, the emphasis was on simplicity, especially nude shades, in the following year. In that case, we must be brave and try new options highlighting our manicures and taking us out of anonymity!  

3D Manicure

One of the trends of 2024 is the 3D manicure, a technique that involves adding three-dimensional elements to the nails. Floral patterns, sparkling crystals, beads, and geometric shapes will be worn. 

Ombre Effect 

Also fashionable will be nails with the Ombre Effect, a technique combining two or more colors and arranging in a beautiful transition from one shade to another. Usually, this manicure starts with the lightest color at the base of the nail. It gradually moves towards the tip to a dark color. For a remarkable transition, several shades can be used.

Metal Nails 

Another popular trend is manicures with metallic shades, which give a bright and modern look. Various metallic lacquers are available in silver, bronze, and gold or bolder shades such as metallic blue or petrol green.

Peach Fuzz Manicure 

Of course, our list couldn’t miss “Peach Fuzz,” which the Pantone Institute chose as the color of the year 2024. Indeed, such a manicure will be in great demand in the coming year, so you can use it in French or ombre, or combine it with other orange shades. 

French Short

Classic and elegant, the French manicure never seems to go out of style, does it!? It will also be a trend in 2024, but this time on short nails. For a unique look, use a shimmery shade on top, like silver with glitter, like in the photo below! 

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