Manicure for Long Nails: Trends and Anti-Trends in 2023

Long nails are one of the most effective ways to draw attention to your image. In addition, they visually lengthen the fingers and make it possible to experiment with shape, color, and design.

We learned from an expert what shapes and colors are currently in trend and collected the most relevant ideas for long nails.

Long nails: Trends 2023

On long nails, various shapes, and designs look good. There are practically no restrictions, but with this choice, it is worth considering the lifestyle, wardrobe features, and advice from the master.

Long nails remain relevant even though fashion trends increasingly shift towards natural, neat manicures and comfort. Long nails are at the peak of popularity among those who like to stand out and use bright accents in the image – they always attract attention. 

But discreet manicures, nude tones, or lack of coverage are also popular, and more and more people are choosing this format. Over the past few years, this trend has been reinforced. It cannot be said that long nails are in fashion and short ones are not, or vice versa. The trend is variety and the possibility of a comfortable choice.


Almonds, soft square, rounded tips, and “ballerina” look especially beautiful on long nails. Super-sharp “stilettos” are more suitable for photo shoots and exits, but they are inconvenient in everyday life.


Anastasia Yavuz believes that among the fashionable novelties of 2023, owners of long nails should pay attention to such an exciting trend as the imitation of various natural textures: wood, precious stones, marble, and amber.

Manicure ideas for long nails

1. Raspberry ombre

On a long plate, several trends can be combined at once—for example, an ombre manicure in the primary color of 2023 Viva Magenta. To repeat the idea, you will need two shades of varnish – lighter and darker. A professional master will make a neat smooth transition, creating a stretch of shades from the base of the nails to the tips.

2. Monochrome with lines

The best thing about neutral colors is their versatility. Such a manicure will suit any outfit and situation. An abstract drawing is relatively easy to make, and there are no clear rules; the lines are chaotic. If you like bright colors, you can repeat the idea using other colors.

3. Partial jacket

Instead of the usual white color for a French manicure, other shades are increasingly being chosen. Try red. But it would help if you highlighted the tips not on all nails but selectively, covering one or two altogether.

4. Nail tattoos

Body art is a great way to showcase the symbols and designs that matter to you. This form of artistic expression can be embodied in a manicure. Dragons, flames, snakes, and a combination of bright colors – choose drawings or stickers, considering the lifestyle and appropriateness of the situation.

5. Watercolor pastel

Delicate shades are suitable for almost everyone. Please combine your favorite light colors on your nails like color transitions on an artist’s canvas. A pastel-colored manicure will not create an excessive accent and will not limit the wardrobe choice.

6. Different hands

If it was customary to highlight one or two nails on the one hand with a contrasting color, now two designs on the left and right are in trend—the main rule is that solutions must be combined. Opt for detailed monochrome prints and solid color finishes, french or ombre in vibrant color.

7. Pure white

White nail polish is a timeless choice. White looks good on nails of any shape and is especially attractive on darker skin tones or with a tan. But there is a caveat: if the teeth have a yellow tint, the white color of the nails will emphasize this. Therefore, you can look at a more neutral light pastel color.

8. Nude abstraction

Manicure in nude tones is always relevant but can quickly get boring. Try to diversify it with abstract drawings, which are especially good against beige and milky backgrounds. Upon closer examination, these can be smooth lines resembling the outlines of faces. Drawings require professionalism to work with a thin brush.

Manicure anti-trends for long nails in 2023

Fashion has become so cyclical that even things we would like to say goodbye to are returning. Too bright designs, flowers, jewelry, and moon manicure are still trending. 

I will not argue that they should be abandoned entirely, but I advise you not to chase trends and choose what is harmonious. If you prefer a more classic style and noble colors in clothes, then neon nails will stand out from the image, no matter how fashionable. 

And vice versa: if your style is bright, catchy, and spectacular, you mix trendy looks, then even the most daring color will complement them well. Be yourself and choose a surface that makes you happy.”

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