Ideas to Dress Up Nicely for your First Dinner Date

Going on a first date, whether it’s your first or someone else’s, is an exhilarating experience. Not to mention the anxiety it causes because you want to impress your date.

You would want to look your absolute best for that, including choosing an outfit that expresses your personality and wows your date. Let us help you put together the perfect outfit so you can spend less time fretting and more time impressing your friends and loved ones.

Boys and girls, we got you! 

We might throw in some tips in the end, so make sure you read till the end! 


1. Throw on a leather jacket 

Beauty of a leather jacket is that you can throw it on and get yourself a hot outfit no matter what the event is. 

If you have a men’s leather jacket, consider yourself ready for the best outfit you can pick out for your date. 

Don’t believe us? A survey showed that a perfectly fitted leather jacket beat a tailored suit and crushed hoodies. What can we understand from that? Those ladies love a man in a leather jacket. Believe us yet? 

One of the best ways to style it is by wearing it over a black turtleneck with black jeans. When using black, what may go wrong? You can’t be serious, Jose. In any case, don’t go all-out in black. Shirt and chinos 

If the place is not formal but not informal either, we got the perfect outfit for you.

Why not dress up a bit and make a good impression? Not too casual, but not too formal either! 

And what’s best for that? A plaid dress shirt and chinos pants. Add some spice by tucking it in and wearing a brown belt. Chinos – another thing that you can never go wrong with no matter where you are. 

A Little Tip: Suede boots would look amazing with this outfit. 

2.. A Formal Romantic Dinner Date

The next time you’re out on a date, don’t be scared to remove your coat and dress pants. A suit will give you the sophisticated look that you need for your date.


1. Jumpsuit 

Girls, let’s be honest, what can be better than a jumpsuit, right? 

Whether you are in a hurry or you got all the time in the world to get ready, jumpsuits are never a bad option. Get yourself a cute or sexy jumpsuit, pair it up with heels and some jewelry, and you are prepared to own the place. 

An elegant jumpsuit will never disappoint you. It will make you look elevated yet chill. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Midi dress and sneakers

It may be low maintenance, but let me tell you, it is the cutest outfit that you can wear to your date. Sure it is simple, but it will surely get your date complimenting you. 

You can go for a bold color midi dress and pair it up with your best sneakers, and you’re good to go. Quick, right? Who knew deciding an outfit for a date would be this easy?

3. Pleated skirt

A ruffled top with a pleated skirt? Yes, please! 

Just imagine how cute it would look. Floral pleated skirts will look beautiful paired up with a ruffle top and mules. 

Get ready to be showered with compliments. 

4. Satin Maxi Dress

A romantic candlelight dinner calls for a satin maxi dress. You can pair it up with heels and some jewelry, put on some dark lipstick, curl your hair, and you would be an elegant lady ready for her first date. 

Bonus- Some First Date Tips

  1. Please don’t overdo it. Go for a subtle look that expresses your personality. Remember: it is the first date, and you don’t want to come off as trying too hard.  
  2. Wear something you are comfortable in so that you don’t struggle instead of enjoying your date. Make sure whatever you are wearing, you will be entirely satisfied with it. And if not, don’t take the risk! 
  3. Make sure that your outfit is not too baggy but also not too tight. You have to find the perfect fit to get the best outfit. Get your outfit adjusted, if possible. This is the most excellent method to obtain a flawless fit! (which is essential).
  4. Accessories always enhance your look, so don’t hesitate. Please don’t overdo it either. 
  5. 5. Keep your cell phone out of sight. Resist the urge to check it out if you can!
  6. Girls, don’t go too heavy on the eyeshadows. You can save the heavy makeup for a later date! Light makeup is a good idea for a first date. 
  7. Be sure to use a good quality powder, or else you will end up getting oily – and we don’t want that for you, and we’re sure you don’t either. Also, make sure to carry it with you just in case you need it. 
  8. We all know the horror of your pimple arriving near your date. But don’t worry, here is how you can get rid of them. 

That’s all, folks! 

Well, well, well…you made it till the end of the article. You are ready for your first date now! 

Remember to keep these suggestions and ideas in mind while choosing your first date attire. And once you are done with that, you will have one less thing to worry about!  

The essential thing is to be yourself and have fun on your date. Oh, and of course, wear something that you are comfortable in – we cannot stress that enough! 

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