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“Who is Isabella Jane Cruise“? Are you searching this on the internet? Isabella Jane Cruise is a famous name among Tom Cruise fans because Isabella Cruise is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

It is most searched and questioned that “Isabella Jane Cruise is adopted,” The final answer is “Yes” isabella cruise is adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. It’s not much revealed about isabella birth parents.

Isabella Jane Cruise Biography

Isabella Cruise was born on December 22, 1992, in a hospital in Miami, Florida. Her birth mother is unable to take care due to her financial situation.

After separation from her birth mother, isabella got in the hands of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and her wife Nicole Kidman, at that time, tom and Nicole were married and planning to have a baby, and they adopted isabella.

At present, Isabella Jane Cruise age is 29. She is busy in her profession Makeup Stylish. Isabella has happily married her husband is Max Parker.

Isabella Kidman Cruise is happily enjoying her personal life without showing her shadow in the limelight. There were many rumors that she and her parents did not have any connection, but she replied that she still communicates with her mother and dad as she is not interested in rumors.

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Jane Cruise is so much connected with her parents, tom and Nicole, but tom and Nicole ended with divorce; after separation, jane used to be with both father tom and mother, Nicole.

Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes; she was the third wife of tom, but jane was not that much connected with tom’s third wife, and she did not accept her as a mother.

For Jane Cruise, Tom and Nicole were the parents. She loved them a lot.

Isabella Jane Husband

Isabella Jane Cruise Married Max Parker, is an IT Consultant; they married in 2015, September 18.

Isabella and Max’s marriage was a secret Scientologist ceremony with only a few guests held in London.

Several articles also got to know that Isabella Cruise was first dated Eddie Frencher and later married to Max Parker.

As reported in some articles that jane cruise parents, Tom and Nicole, don’t know about the marriage; it was a secret marriage.

Tom and Isabella’s cruise is away from the social limelight as they believe in the simple and good life, not in social life.

Tom Cruise Kids and Wifes

Tom Cruise is an action star of cinema as he does his stunts in his movies. Coming to his personal family life, tom cruise has three wives.

  1. Mimi Rogers (Married 1987 – Divorced 1990)
  2. Nicole Kidman (Married 1990 – Divorced 2001)
  3. Katie Holmes (Married 2006 – Divorced 2012)

Tom Cruise kids are three :

  • Isabella Jane Cruise
  • Connor Cruise
  • Suri Cruise

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