Tips & Tricks for Your Favorite Pairs of Shoes

Have you ever bought shoes but couldn’t wear them because they were too tight? If you’ve been through such a situation at least once, it’s time to find the remedies for widening your shoes.

1. Tricks for widening shoes

If you’ve chosen the wrong shoe size, you can’t widen them enough to get the right size. On the other hand, if you need a little more space inside your shoes, you can use some tricks to help you feel great when wearing your favourite pairs of shoes. It would help if you kept in mind that the pair of shoes can only be increased in width, not in length.

Thus, any pair of women’s boots, ballerinas, sports shoes or elegant shoes can enlarge any pair of women ‘s boots, ballerinas, sports shoes or elegant shoes with the help of the methods in this article!

Carry them around the house

This is one of the most accessible shoe-widening solutions and works on almost all types of footwear. If you wear them around the house for 1-2 hours, you will see that the material they are made of will give way and allow your foot to get all the space it needs. You can add one or two pairs of socks, increasing the width of the shoes even more.

Heat them with the hair dryer

Put on a pair of cotton socks and shoes, set the dryer to medium speed and hold it at each foot for 30 seconds. As the shoe warms up, you need to wiggle your toes and flex your foot to help stretch the material.

Keep in mind that there’s a chance that the extremely high temperature will strip the sole from the rest of the shoe, which is why it’s essential to move the dryer along the foot, not just hold it in one position.

Spray them with alcohol

Breaking into new shoes can sometimes be a fun and exciting activity. So, if you have a bottle of alcohol around the house, pour it into a sprayer and start spraying your shoes. Wearing the boots as the alcohol dries helps stretch the material to the foot’s shape. It dries extremely quickly, so you don’t have to worry about the shoes being affected in any way. 

In addition, you should know that this option is perfect for canvas shoes, such as sneakers or tennis shoes.

Put them in the freezer

Expanding shoes in the freezer is a lesser-known but very effective technique. Fill two bags with water, put them in your shoes or boots and put the shoes in the freezer, where it is advisable to leave them overnight. 

2. How you can stay away from shoe enlargement methods

You should pay a lot of attention to loosening tight shoes because uncomfortable and ill-fitting shoes can lead to serious health problems. Thus, to save time with the tricks presented above and not to endanger your health unnecessarily, it is recommended that when you go shopping, you should be very careful about the shoes you buy.

How can you avoid the widening tricks of tight shoes?

Don’t rush        

Before purchasing a new pair of shoes, it is recommended to try on the chosen model and walk around the store to see exactly if the size is right for you. In addition, in this way, you can also find out if the sole is slippery or if the shoes are comfortable. It is essential that before you pay for the product, you check it to make sure that you are doing everything correctly.

Choose only the brands that satisfy you.        

Stretching leather shoes can be a real challenge, so you must only buy products from stores that consistently satisfy you. If you have found 2-3 brands from which you have only bought comfortable shoes, then orientate yourself on these online shoe stores every time.

Go shopping in the evening        

Most of the time, the legs swell from the middle of the day to the evening, which is why this interval represents the ideal time to go shopping. Therefore, if you want to remember the techniques of widening the shoes, give up the morning shopping and schedule it for the evening hours.

 Finally, if you don’t want to deform your toes or aggravate any lower body conditions you may be suffering from, try only to find comfortable shoes suitable for the size and shape of your feet. The perfect shoes are essential for both your health and daily well-being.

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