How to Correct the Shape of Nose Without Surgery
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Sometimes you want to change the shape of the Nose. To some, it seems too long, snub-nosed or wide. This can be done using special techniques.

Of course, it is impossible to change the anatomical structure of the Nose at home. However, everyone can adjust the shape with the help of makeup, massage or other simple tricks. What and how to do it right if you want to visually correct the shape of the Nose – on the advice of experts.

How to make your Nose smaller with makeup

Makeup is the first thing to try if you want to make your Nose look smaller. This is a temporary solution, and you will have to make efforts daily. But if everything is done correctly, the result will be, please.

To do this, there are several contouring techniques, which are conditionally divided into two groups – classical technique and Instagram technique, says Yana Nikolyuk, makeup artist, hair stylist, and founder of the Yard of Miracles workshop. The main difference between them is in intensity. Each will require a standard set of tools that are likely to be in every cosmetic bag:

  • Tone cream
  • Corrector
  • Brushes
  • Concealer
  • Powder with reflective particles

1. Classic make-up technique to reduce the Nose

Before any makeup, prepare your face skin: cleanse it with micellar water or facial wash, and apply a moisturizer or an exceptional foundation in advance. Then even out the complexion, including the Nose, with your base foundation. Now you can start correcting cosmetics. According to the makeup artist, the basic steps of classic makeup are as follows.

Corrector Choice

After applying the foundation, we take the corrector. Will it be a creamy product or dry – a matter of taste; the main thing is colour? It should be taupe. Not brown, chocolate, or red, but with a grey undertone. Why? Because the colour of the natural shadows on the face has this shade.

Correct Application

Depending on which part needs to be visually reduced, we apply a corrector to:

  • Side surfaces of the Nose;
  •  Nose wings to correct a nose that is too wide;
  • Tip of the Nose – a dark corrector, will visually shorten it;
  • Marginal parts of the nostrils;
  • All of the above parts.

Creating Contrast

To do this, you will need a concealer, light powder with reflective particles, a highlighter or shadows of a light/flesh tone. Work them on the back of the Nose to visually narrow it. Pay special attention to the advice of a makeup artist and the tip.

“By changing the position of the highlight at the tip of the Nose, it can be visually raised or lowered. Remember, the narrower the light line, the thinner the back of the Nose. Therefore, when shading, it is essential not to climb onto the borders of a dark corrector; otherwise, the whole work will lose its meaning, ”explains Yana Nikolyuk.


If you have worked with cream products, remember to set the result with powder.

2. Quick Makeup Technique to Reduce Nose

It’s the Instagram way, says the makeup artist. It applies a dark corrector to the entire Nose, followed by coverage with any light product. But, as the makeup artist notes, this approach is only sometimes rational.

Exercises to make your Nose smaller

The shape of the Nose is determined by genetics and can only be changed through plastic surgery. The reason is simple: it is made up of cartilage covered with a thin layer of skin. Nevertheless, exercises can influence changes, including age-related ones, in other areas of the face and near the Nose, says Anastasia Dubinskaya, a specialist in neuromuscular facial rehabilitation, founder and head of the Revitonika school of natural rejuvenation. Such gymnastics strengthens the muscle tone of the face and relieves swelling, ultimately improving the Nose’s statics.

Exercises are performed for several minutes every day, and, as experts assure, the result will be obvious. However, in the case of ENT and skin diseases, especially in the acute stage, it is better to postpone face fitness classes.

1. Exercise “Lifting the middle part of the face.”

The exercise “Lifting the middle part of the face” counteracts the pathological vectors of age-related deformation that tighten the muscles to the centre of the face, relieves muscle tension and eliminates swelling of the middle part of the face and the nose area, making it more elegant, expert Dubinskaya explains. On her advice, she should exercise every day for five to eight sets on each side of the Nose.

How to perform

  • Press the base of one hand’s palm to the Nose’s wing and the second to the occipital region. In the starting position, immediately smooth the skin under the palm of your hand.
  • With massage movements (spiral or dotted), work out the infraorbital, zygomatic and temporal regions, holding the other hand on the back of the head.
  • Keep track of maintaining close contact between the palm of your hand and your face, and take your time – move at a speed of one centimetre per second.
  • It can create additional resistance with the lips by pulling them forward. Change hands and perform the reception on the other side of the face.

2. Exercise for nasolabial folds

How to perform

  • Draw an oval with your lips as if pronouncing the letter “O”.
  • Place the pads of your index fingers near the wings of the Nose and make five or six circular movements in the direction from the centre.
  • Without stopping rotational movements, move your fingers along the side of the Nose from the bottom up towards the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Make sure the movements are deep but not fast – do them smoothly and slowly.
  • In the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe corners of the eyes linger and perform five to six circular movements in place. In the end, straighten all the tissues down the sides of the Nose in one movement.
  • Repeat the exercise for two to three minutes twice a day.

How to shrink your Nose with a massage

Massage techniques are primarily aimed at reducing swelling, and making the Nose look neater, explains Tatyana Zharkova, esthetician and specialist in natural rejuvenation at Darling Nevermind. “The first stage, using lymphatic drainage techniques, is to drive swelling from the nose; the second is to sculpt the nose, as it were, which is needed based on natural data,” says the expert.

It is better to perform massages in a course, for example, every two to three days. Absolute contraindications to the procedure are any acute conditions, herpes in the active stage, inflammation and infectious diseases of the skin and oncology.

Myofascial massage – affects the fascia, that is, the connective tissue membranes surrounding the muscles. The method allows you to achieve relaxation of different muscle groups, and you can act pointwise. 

Massage is performed with a roller or dry fingers along the main massage lines of the face. You can also try the Japanese massage “Asahi” or “Zogan”, says Tatyana Zharkova. It has a pronounced lymphatic drainage effect and works to strengthen deep muscles.

How to massage to correct the Nose

Attach the pads of the middle fingers to the areas of the nasolabial folds, resting the tips against the wings of the Nose.

Perform smooth movements up and down for 5-8 repetitions.

Finish the massage by rubbing the wings of the Nose with vigorous movements from the Nose towards the cheeks.

Alternative ways to reduce the Nose

Non-surgical rhinoplasty: Special fillers, such as Botox or fillers, are used to correct the shape of the Nose. Anatomically speaking, they won’t make the Nose thinner or shorter, but they will help smooth out bulges or add volume to specific areas to make the Nose look proportionate. The effect of such procedures can last up to six months. They are performed under the clinic’s strict supervision of a cosmetologist and a doctor.

Eyebrow correction: Regularly maintain the shape and optimal volume of the eyebrows for you. Pay special attention to the distance between the eyebrow arches. Leaving too much space between them can make the Nose look wider.

Makeup accents: For example, use bright lipstick to shift the focus from your Nose to your eyes and lips. Try highlighting your eyes with dark eyeliner or adding shimmery eye shadow.

Optical illusions:

  1. Find your perfect selfie pose. This may be the side of the face where the bangs fall or where you find it easier to arch your eyebrow.
  2. Remember that a close-up photo can distort the image, making the Nose appear larger than it is in real life.
  3. Keep your forehead and chin at the same distance from the camera, in the centre of the frame.

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